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Glassitaly Cantù

Cutting and shaping of glass and crystals with stone wheels in Cantù

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The Glassitaly glass factory in Cantù, in the province of Como, uses state-of-the-art machinery and stone wheels for cutting, milling and grinding glass. The grinding technique allows glassmakers to even out the contours and smooth the corners of the glass and crystal plates, depending on the desired processing and the purpose of use of the product.

Glassitaly Cantù

All types of glass grinding

The best solutions for glass processing


The grinding technique is a process that allows you to bevel the sharp edges of a sheet in different ways. Glassitaly's glassmaking staff carries out all types of grinding, according to your needs:

  • rough edge, thanks to the use of strips or stone wheels (carborundum or coarse-grained diamond), to obtain dull and rough edges

  • polished edge, if you opt instead for solutions that provide for the elimination of roughness and the polishing of the edges: our team has special fine-grained diamond wheels or with powdered pumice, which allow to obtain glossy, rounded edges ( round polished edge) or perpendicular to the surface (flat polished edge)

Glassitaly, a company specialized in the production, processing and transformation of glass, supplies glass for furniture and custom-made glass furnishing accessories.

Our glassworks adopts cutting-edge techniques for grinding operations, using stone and diamond wheels that allow us to create customized and high quality solutions.

Thanks to a staff of serious and qualified technicians, we propose and manufacture doors, parapets, mirrors and much more in a short time, guaranteeing the possibility of shaping any type of glass and crystal.


Would you like to know more about our glass processing techniques? Write an e-mail to the address on the Contact page

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