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Glassitaly Cantù

Artistic glassware products in Cantù

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Product reliability and quality are the characteristics that distinguish Glassitaly.

We are a family-run glassmaking company, based in Cantù in the province of Como, specializing in the processing and transformation of glass, crystal and mirrors for the furniture sector.We use artisan techniques for the production of glass for interiors and exteriors. , custom-made shower cubicles, crystal tables, mirrors and many other furnishing elements. We cater to private customers and commercial activities, with the common goal of providing, within the established time frame, personalized and high quality artistic glassware products, able to satisfy every type of need.



Cutting, assembly and gluing of all types of glass

The strength of the Glassitaly glassworks is the presence on site of a staff of adequately trained and competent technicians, able to use the latest generation machinery for cutting, assembling and gluing glass and panels with safety and skill. Thanks to the many years of experience acquired in the sector, we are able to carry out customized and tailor-made works for you based on your specific needs: we are able to cut, grind and drill all types of glass and crystal plates.


Through the technique of gluing glass using ultraviolet (UV) rays, which allows to obtain precise and invisible finishes, we also create unique furnishing accessories such as tables, mosaics, interior decorations and much more.
We carry out craftsmanship with the utmost care and expertise, offering you every kind of attention and respecting delivery times: come and visit us to learn about our services and the wide range of products available.

Glass solutions for home, shop and office furnishing

Glass is the ideal furnishing material to give brightness and to give a modern look to the rooms of your home, office or shop. Glassitaly's team of glassmakers creates design and tailor-made solutions for interiors and exteriors, finished in every single detail. We use the best quality glass and machinery equipped with cutting-edge technology to work the treated materials in the best possible way

Glassitaly Cantù

Our offer includes the production of:

  • glass furniture

  • custom-made crystal shower cubicle

  • custom shower cubicle

  • glass mosaics

  • custom-made crystal parapets

  • sliding glass doors

  • mirrors for furniture

  • custom-made mirrors

  • crystal tables

  • glass for furniture

  • artistic glassware products


Call +39 031 3515141 immediately to furnish your home or shop with glass

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