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Bonding of different materials with ultraviolet lamps in Cantù


The glassmaking team of Glassitaly, a company based in Cantù in the province of Como, performs bonding of different materials through the use of lamps equipped with ultraviolet (UV) technology. This allows different types of materials to be welded together (glass on glass, glass on metals), to create original furnishing and design accessories, such as crystal tables, custom-made display cabinets and furniture with a high aesthetic yield.


Transparent glass bonding, strong and long lasting

The glass bonding technique with UV lamps allows to obtain bonding of different materials, which have the advantage of being invisible and remarkably resistant. This useful fixing method allows us to glue various types of glass artifacts, but also knobs, handles and locks, without affecting the solidity of the material, which therefore keeps intact the characteristics of transparency and resistance to mechanical stimuli.
The glue placed on the surfaces of the plates to be welded is dried by means of special ultraviolet lamps, which allow us to obtain an effective and precise welding and to deliver a product destined to last over time.

Professional fixings for glass furniture


At Glassitaly we professionally carry out bonding of different materials: depending on the type of adhesive used, we can fix different sheets of glass together, but also glass on wood, on metals or on plastic materials. In this way we produce handcrafted bespoke furnishing accessories for interiors and exteriors, including sliding glass doors, shower stalls, mosaics and decorative glass elements, parapets, display cabinets, furniture and everything you need to furnish with glass. your home or business.


Call now to speak with an expert in fixing techniques: we glue glass on any type of support

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