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Do you want to give more brightness and space to your home, shop or office? Transparency, elegance and brilliance are just some of the characteristics of glass, an ideal and increasingly requested material for interior and exterior decoration and furnishing, capable of giving a new light to your home or work environments. The Glassitaly artistic glass factory in Cantù, in the province of Como, specializes in the production and processing of all types of glass, crystals and mirrored surfaces, offering you a wide choice of tailor-made solutions for the furnishing of the home, shops and offices. The competence and skill of the artisan glassware staff allow Glassitaly to help you choose the products that best suit your needs.




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Glass furniture

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Processing on all types of glass

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Glass furniture for the home

Among the numerous glass furnishing accessories proposed by the Glassitaly artistic glassworks, the following are mentioned:

  • custom-made crystal shower cubicle

  • glass mosaics

  • custom-made mirrors

  • glass tables

  • glass furniture for the bathroom and kitchen

We are also specialized in the processing of all types of glass and crystals. Thanks to the experience gained in the sector and the availability of innovative technologies, our artisan glassworks is able to cut monolithic glass sheets with the utmost precision, to perform glass bending and transformation operations and to propose different types of treatment for the protection of crystals and glass surfaces, which increase their resistance and make cleaning easier.

of glass and crystal

The Cantù artistic glass factory deals with the realization of:

  • custom-made crystal parapets

  • sliding glass doors

  • crystal tables

  • furnishing glasses

  • mirrors

  • crystal parapets

  • crystal furniture

Our family-run company also specializes in glass craftsmanship: we offer glass grinding, cutting, assembly and gluing services with ultraviolet (UV) lamps, which guarantee invisible and resistant welds.

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Glassitaly Cantù

Quality glass furnishings at maximum convenience

Active in the sector for years, the Cantù artisan glassworks is today a reliable partner for the supply of glass furnishing accessories to private customers and businesses.

Craftsmanship, quality, convenience and use of excellent materials: these are the characteristics that distinguish the products and services offered by the Glassitaly artistic glassworks.

We create your glass projects with the utmost care, using only the best materials; we guarantee compliance with the agreed times and the creation of handcrafted glass products at advantageous prices.


Via Paganella, 24 - 22063 Cantu '(CO)

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